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Kid's Way. How to use.

Welcome to Kid's Way! We are glad to greet you.

Please read the information below. If the solution to your problem is not listed, or if you have additional questions about the setup and use of the application, please contact customer support at

How to download and install the application?

To download a children's launcher for tablet or smartphone from Google Play, please follow this link on your device and click "Install".

Please check that Kid's Way application is installed on your device's internal memory (not on SD card)! This is a prerequisite for the proper operation of the application. To check this, go to the Settings menu, click Applications, then select the Kid's Way from the list and click the "Move to the tablet" ("Move to phone"), if it is active.

The first launch. How to configure the application?

When you first start Kid's Way will ask you to read the terms of the license agreement. You should accept the license agreement to contunie use the application. After that you will get into the "Parental mode", where you can configure the application settings.

  1. At first, create the child's profile: open the tab "Profile" and input your child's name and birthday.
    You can create individual profile for each child, in case you are going to share device between a few children. Additional profiles could be created using next steps: press button "Profile: Name" in the upper right corner of the screen, and then press button "+". Fill the profile for every child.
  2. Second step - is to set up the password (graphical or test). Password is used for entering the "Parental mode". For doing that, go to the tab "Password". You need to enter passord twice to save and activate it.

If forgot your password and cannot exit from "Kid's Mode",
please contact our customer support service at (
We will help you to solve this problem!

How to select and add a content to Kid Mode - games, applications, music, videos and books?

You can select and add content inside the "Parental Mode". Corresponding tabs are located in the left part of the screen. Please use corresponding tabs and go to the sections Video, Games, Software, Books, Audio and select those files or content items (applications, cartoons, video files and etc.). The items you have selected, will be available for your child in the "Kid's Mode.

In the section "Video" you will find two additional tabs on the top of the screen, which leads to: the official collection of kid's video playlist from Youtube with most popular cartoons, and videos located on your device. On the internal device video tab you also can choose the application which will be used for playing videos.

The official Kid's Way collection of kid's video playlists is available only with active internet connection. You also can use your own Youtube playlist. To do it you should authorize in Youtube under your login, using the button "Login" in the Video section.

To be able to read books in the "Kid's Mode", you need also choose the book reading application. You can do it inside the section "Books" in "Parental Mode".

In the "Favorite" section you can choose the most lovely cartoons, books, games and appliations for your child. These content items will be available inside the single desktop "Favorites" in the "Kid's Mode" will be available in one click.

What the section "Recommended" is needed for?

The mission of the "Recommended" section is to provide the vest apps and games for your children, with no need for long and exhausting search procedure.

The section containes most famouse, useful and interesting apps and games, scrupulously selected by our experts.

These apps and games are not initialy installed on your device, but you can easily install any of them just by clicking on the corresponding icon inside the "Recommended" section.

We regularly update the collection of apps and games in the "Recommended" section. That is why, we recommend to check it from time to time to find new great games and apps for your children.

How to control the amount of time your child spend with the tablet or smartphone?

The one of the great feature of Kid's Way. Safe discovering" app, is the "Time control" feature. This feature allowa you to set the exact time limit for different child activities related to device usage.

Just open the corresponding tab inside the "Parental control" mode and set the daily limits for every type of device usage, by moving coresponding slider controls. You can change the proportions of how long your child will spent in games, applications, video , or books sections of application.

There is also such useful feature as "Sleep timer". This feature available in the "Kid" mode, and allows to set the number of minutes before the screen of device will switched off and the "Kid" mode locked. Thus the phrase "Play just the 15 minutes and then go sleep", will no longer be just a phrase :). You can activate the timer by pressing on the "Clock" icon at the top left corner of the screen in the "Kid" mode, and choosing the number of minutes before screen will turned off.

The first launch of the "Kid" mode.

To activate the "Kid" mode, you need just to click on the "Kid mode" button on the top left corner of the screen in the "Parental mode". Please do not forget to set the password (for returning back to the "Partental" mode).

You and your child will find all the games, apps, videos, audios and books, which you choosed inside the "Parental" mode, in the corresponding sections of the "Kid" mode. In the "Kid" mode you can switch sections by clicking on corresponding icons placed on the right and left sides of the screen (on tablets) and at the bottom of the screen (on smartphones). The interface of the "Kid" mode is specialy designed for using by children, it is intuitive and easy to use by kids.

For returning to "Parental" mode, you need to click on the "Key" icon on the top right corner of the screen, and then enter the password (which you choosed while being in the "Parental" mode).

Choosing the default launcher. What is it and why do we need it?

At the first launch of the "Kid" mode, you will see the system dialog window, with proposal of selecting the default launcher. In order the "Kid's Way" software works correctly and completely protrects your child from leaving the "Kid" mode on it's own, you need to choose the "Kid's Way" icon and press "Always" button. Otherwise, your kid will be able to leave the "Kid" mode on it's own, which means that the control and protection will be fully implemented.

If, by any reason, you incorrectly set the default launcher and not sure that it works correctly, please contact our Support team at or follow the next steps:

What we need to do in this case - is to reset the default launcher settings in the operation system, so it will show the default launcher dialog again. The exact steps:

  1. Exit the "Kid" mode Á exit the app.
  2. Go to system setting
  3. Find the menu option «Applications» or "Application Manager" (the exact name of the menu option depends on device model and software version). Open it and choose the tab "All".
  4. Find the current default launcher (usualy it's icon looks like "home"), and click on it.
  5. Find and click the button "Delete the default settings".
  6. If the button "Delete the default settings" became inactive - everything done right.
  7. Leaving the settings, launch the Kid's Way software, and launch the "Kid" mode.

Can't exit the "Kid" mode of the app!!! Lost/forget/incorrect password! What to do?

Please do not panic, and contact our Support Service at We help you to unlock yor device and reset the password.

Please note, that our support service works from 06:00 till 16:00 UTC time. Sometimes it needs time, but we answer every message!