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Kid's Way - easy parental control + usefull and interesting kid's content!

The application for kids "Kid's Way" adapts your tablet and smartphone for use by a child, as well as provides a selection of useful and safe children's content.

"Kid's Way" transform mobile device into the comfortable and nice virtual kid's room, with a collection of books, games, apps, cartoons and fairy tales for kid.

With "Kid's Way" software parents can easily lock access to all unwanted capabilities of the device and applications. The child will not be able to changing the settings, install applications, shopping, calls to unallowed phone numbers, delete, and modify files.

Kid's launcher automatically controls the information available to the child and the time he or she spent for your Tablet PC or smartphone.

The contents of the shell is easily changed as the child grows and changes its interests.

The main features of the "Kid's Way" software:

  • A reliable parental control + kids safe mode
  • 100% protection of the device and the child
  • Adapted children's interface and attractive design
  • Education, entertainment and development in a convenient format
  • The organization of children's content on the device
  • Easy system of monitoring of time + adjustable timer
  • Support for multiple user profiles for children of different age
  • Children's Internet filter
  • More than 1500 favorite cartoons

The aim of the social project "Kid's Way" - to ensure the harmonious development of the child and his / her safety in the era of information technology!